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Re: [IP] Does anyone ever get this perfectly?

Kathy:  I we were to get it perfectly, we wouldn't be diabetics.. my
nurse/educator told me not to look for perfection because I wasn't going to
see it.. we are only trying to mimic our natural body function as best we
can ...carb counting and going on the pump is continues work.. we can only
strive for perfection.. keep working at it..

Katherine Esposito wrote:

> Gee, just wondering. I do darn well, but as a single working mom of two
> school-age boys, who play violins (but thankfully haven't got me running
> around too much more than that), I find that the pressures of the days
> really can overwhelm my diabetes care. My blood sugars rise easily,
> every time I take one lick of the peanut butter knife after making
> lunches, after eating a single slice of their cut-up apple- I guess I
> should force myself to stop the dabbling, bolus, and eat the whole
> apple, right? I guess sometimes I don't WANT a whole apple.
> I also seem really sensitive to fats- I was on a low-carb diet and now
> the pump with Humalog is a whole different ballgame. Less protein, less
> fat, more carb. (At least I get to eat chocolate now.)
> I have had a lot of trouble with highs these last two days, and I
> haven't quite figured it all out, but signing on to this service always
> helps. At least I am not alone. Which brings me back to the original
> question: Does anyone ever get it right and perfect for any long period
> of time?
> Also, does anyone on this list live near Madison, Wisconsin?
> Kathy
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