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Re: [IP] Where are you?

Hi from Long Island, NY!

I've been a brittle IDDM since 1950, and am a newbie insulin pump user
(MiniMed 507C for 1 week).  I guess I'm in the honeymoon phase of "ip'ing".
(Have no complaints about inserting, wearing, sleeping, etc., so far so good.)
But I am running such continually high BGs that it's starting to scare me

Unfortunately, at the same time as I started on the pump, my kitchen was (and
still is) being remodeled, and a long time friend passed away 3 days ago.  I
assume at least PART of the explanation for high blood glucose readings is due
to added stress.

I don't know how my system absorbs carbohydrates (how much in what time frame)
or insulin, or how to calculate either one either.  Before pumping, I took 6
injections daily, using Ultralente 2x daily and Humalog 4 times daily.  My
last HbA1C was 7.9.  The highest I've ever been was 10.  My endo said he
thought this last one was "a little high" but expected it to be "better after
being on the pump".  My basal rate has been increased ever so slightly
(currently at .8), and my dr has me bolus a "set" amount of insulin before
each meal and at bedtime (as compared with "x" amount of insulin based on
carbohydrates consumed).

I wanted to go on pump therapy for many reasons, but mostly because I'm hoping
to achieve tighter control and avoid further complications and maybe stop the
devastation other complications have already started .  (It has taken me a
couple of years to get the gong-ho from my doctor.  I don't really know why he
was hesitant to get me started on a pump, but at least I am finally here!)  At
this stage of my life, I would do anything to reach my medical goal!  I'm 51
years old, married 30 years (haven't even scared the husband away since
started menopause!), have 2 grown sons, and 2 wonderful, healthy little
grandsons.  Until very recent years, I have been able to do just about
anything in life that I set my heart to doing (except that when I was in high
school, I thought I wanted to be an airline stewardess and that kind of career
was not available to me because of diabetes).  For that (having a full life),
I am grateful.  I now have numerous complications, (including a leg
amputation), and while they have slowed me down they do not keep me down!

Anyway, I'm babbling here........How long would be considered a decent amount
of time to get regulated using the pump?  How much time would be too long?  Am
I being too optimistic about the effects of tighter control and too impatient
about getting there?

It's nice to know there are many others of you out there with whom I can
relate in some way or another.

Linda Winey  >^.,.^<
(P.S.  I'm a cat lover!)          
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