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Re: [IP] Re: Fetal cells

At 09:01 PM 1/20/1999  LBE FSD wrote:
>Sorry guys, I have to disagree vehemently with you on this one - my life is
>not important enough to kill anyone to improve my "quality of life", let
>alone to do research that MIGHT, some eon make some difference.  I have
>three children.  I began having ultrasounds early in the first trimester
>with each.  They were, and are most definately alive, and most definately
>human.  If you can do this research and further  with an animal, fine.  I
>eat them, I've used the research that allowed continued life as a diabetic
>and used the beef/pork insulin from them; their use is up to the human race.
>However, I will not support fetal tissue research.  It is a most inhumane

There are other ways to get fetal cells than abortion... just like people
donate organs, why can't a fetus that has miscarried have cells donated to
help others?


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