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Re: [IP] Any Canadians or Maritimers

Here I
> pay 100% for my supplies and in Alberta I think 80% is covered by the
> provincial health plans.
> Will keep you on file.
> Darrin Parker
> email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

Hi Darren,

As a pumper in Alberta, I can tell you that the maximum  Alberta
Healthcare pays for "diabetic supplies" (syringes, strips, urine tests,
pumps and supplies) in a calendar year is $350.  This year, having
purchased the pump, my estimation is that I am spending $12,000 -
$14,000 (Cdn) out of my pocket because I have DM and wish to have good
glycemic control in order to save the healthcare system money in the
long run.  Alberta Health is willing therefore to pay 2.5% of my
diabetic supply costs.  After all, they are more than willing to pay my
hospital bills for a heart attack or heart surgery, inpatient kidney
transplant, amputations and then designate me as "disabled" when I am
blind which qualifies me for a host of benefits.

Interesting, eh?

Janet Riganti
Cremona, Alberta
MM507C since 8/98

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