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[IP] Does anyone ever get this perfectly?

Gee, just wondering. I do darn well, but as a single working mom of two
school-age boys, who play violins (but thankfully haven't got me running
around too much more than that), I find that the pressures of the days
really can overwhelm my diabetes care. My blood sugars rise easily,
every time I take one lick of the peanut butter knife after making
lunches, after eating a single slice of their cut-up apple- I guess I
should force myself to stop the dabbling, bolus, and eat the whole
apple, right? I guess sometimes I don't WANT a whole apple. 

I also seem really sensitive to fats- I was on a low-carb diet and now
the pump with Humalog is a whole different ballgame. Less protein, less
fat, more carb. (At least I get to eat chocolate now.) 

I have had a lot of trouble with highs these last two days, and I
haven't quite figured it all out, but signing on to this service always
helps. At least I am not alone. Which brings me back to the original
question: Does anyone ever get it right and perfect for any long period
of time? 

Also, does anyone on this list live near Madison, Wisconsin? 

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