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Re: [IP] Wanted Fast Take, phone #

Regarding your desire for a FastTake meter, you might call LifeScan (the
manufacturer) and explain that you want a meter and plan to use a lot of their
strips.  (LifeScan 1-800-227-8862).  Many meter companies will give you a
meter if they think you will buy lots of their strips.  A LifeScan rep gave me
a meter in December (excited about the fact I test 10 times a day).  I LOVE
this meter.  I have found the results to be accurate and dependable.  The tiny
size of the meter and strip vials (which hold 25 strips) is great and it takes
only a tiny amount of blood.  And, test results displayed in 15 seconds is
awesome.  I recommend it.

Type 1 12 years, pumping since 12-9-98 (why didn't I do this YEARS ago?)
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