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RE: [IP] Mail-Order Supplies Question

Do a search on the www for (pump and insulin) and several sites will come up
(DiabetesNet and DiabetesClub come to mind).  But they seem to be the same
price as the suppliers.


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> From: 	Laurel and Wayne[SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, January 20, 1999 4:39 PM
> To: 	email @ redacted
> Subject: 	[IP] Mail-Order Supplies Question
> I was wondering if some kind person could give me info or direct me to a
> FAQ on economical places from which to mail-order pumping supplies (Sils
> or
> comparable, cartridges, etc.).
> My HMO has arranged for me to get them from a semi-local supplier, but
> after the (bad) experience I had with them trying to get test strips, I
> called their customer service department to ask if they could direct me to
> another supplier.  The only one they knew about was MiniMed (I have a
> 507),
> and MiniMed charges too much for the HMO to approve when a cheaper source
> is available.  
> I said that I was pretty sure that there WERE other good sources of
> mail-order supplies, and could I use them if the price was right?  She
> said
> that would be fine and even asked me to check because she does not have
> access to such a good channel.  So here I am!
> I've had a little bit of dealings with Edgepark Surgical; would they be a
> good possibility?
> Thanks for any info you can offer.
> --Laurel
> email @ redacted
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