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[IP] Mail-Order Supplies Question

I was wondering if some kind person could give me info or direct me to a
FAQ on economical places from which to mail-order pumping supplies (Sils or
comparable, cartridges, etc.).

My HMO has arranged for me to get them from a semi-local supplier, but
after the (bad) experience I had with them trying to get test strips, I
called their customer service department to ask if they could direct me to
another supplier.  The only one they knew about was MiniMed (I have a 507),
and MiniMed charges too much for the HMO to approve when a cheaper source
is available.  

I said that I was pretty sure that there WERE other good sources of
mail-order supplies, and could I use them if the price was right?  She said
that would be fine and even asked me to check because she does not have
access to such a good channel.  So here I am!

I've had a little bit of dealings with Edgepark Surgical; would they be a
good possibility?

Thanks for any info you can offer.


email @ redacted

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