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Re: [IP] Re: President Clinton's Address/DM research funding

Hi all,

I just bought my ticket.  Today I called the ADA office (1.800.232.3472
ext. 2323) to get more information.  They have some sort of packet about
the weekend/beginning.

In the mean time, does anyone know more about it?  Has anyone been to
previous rallies?  What are they like?  The pictures I have seen look like
part of it is standing in front of the Capital but I assume there is more


> In reference to DM research funding,  who is going to Washington, D.C. March
> 7-9 for the Rally for a Cure?  I would like to go, but I don't know yet
> whether I will be able to.  I know I would learn alot because I am politically
> pretty dense.  Just curious as to who else is going?  ellen

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