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Re: [IP] my experience with Dr Bernstein

Thanks Janet!  You seem to have one of the clearest, least biased explanations
on Bernstein around!

Janet Wiener wrote:

> Now that Ruth's mentioned me twice, I feel obligated to comment. :-) I
> was a patient of Dr Bernstein's shortly after I was diagnosed in 1983,
> until 1986 or so. He's a bit of a fanatic on obtaining normal blood sugars
> -- but he was the ONLY one advocating maintaing normal blood sugars back
> then. He was convinced that normal blood sugars would prevent or decrease
> complications, and he was right. It only took another 10 years to get
> the DCCT results...
> Everything else about Bernstein's methods is about HOW to maintain normal
> blood sugars, end of story. He advocates low-carb meals because the
> corresponding insulin boluses are small and therefore you have a low risk
> of error (taking too much or too little insulin and going low or high).
> If you can guess accurately using carb counting and a pump, I personally
> see no reason to follow a low carb diet.
> He also advocated -- back in 1983 when most doctors prescribed 1-2 shots
> a day -- a 4-5 shot per day regimen. Regular for each meal, taken
> after measuring blood sugar and adjusting the dose for the bs reading,
> in 1/2 unit increments. (My previous doctor would only adjust in *2* unit
> increments, even though my daily total was about 20 units!)
> Ultralente for basal.
> To summarize, Bernstein had me on MDDI, measuring my blood sugar at the drop
> of a hat (at least 6x/day), adjusting the dose with high bs boluses, and
> trying to stay in the normal range. In 1983. I credit this regimen with
> my current lack of complications, 15 years later. The only important thing
> I didn't learn from him was how to adjust the meal dose to correspond to
> the carb content of the meal (since he believed in uniformaly low carb
> content meals).
> I don't know why he is so against pumps: his criticisms are many years
> outdated.
> Janet
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