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Re: [IP] Any Canadians or Maritimers

Hi Stacey:
My wife Patricia is a type 1 diabetic and on minimed pump 507c since about
6 months, supplies are expensive and we order from Kennebacasis Drugs in
Rothesay. N.B. to the tune of 402 dollars for 24 sof-set Q.R. at 13.75
each and 24 syringe reservoir 3 at 3 each for the foregoing total of 402
dollars.(aprox 2 1/2  month supply). We are fortunate to have duel
insurance so the supplies are covered 100%.

Our 507c pump costs 3500 U/S dollars and our insurance picked up 80% of
the cost and we paid the additional 20%. Our second insurance denied
coverage on the pump.

Pat uses humalog cartridges at a cost here of 35 dollars per 10ml, again
we are fortunate enough to have coverage on insulin also .

Stacey, how do these prices above compare to what you are paying and do
you shop at the same Drug outlet in Rothesay, N.B.

We are living in Newfoundland, I am originally from NS and my wife Pat
from Ontario so guess we qualify as maritimers..

Stacey Phillips wrote:

> Hi Everyone:
> Just a quick question - how many pumpers on this list are from Canada?
> Especially, from the maritimes. I am from Fredericton, New Brunswick.
> I value everyones help on this list but things here in Canada really
> varies from the United States or elsewhere. I mean taking care of
> yourselves and the pump issues are the same but insurance issues,
> insulin rates, prices, etc differ so much. I am not being rude because
> I love all of you and your valuable tips and information. I just want
> to see how many "locals" we actually have here.
> Thanks,
> Stacey Phillips
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Pat and/or Dave Springall

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