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Re: [IP] Plugged hoses

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> Is there any way to tell that a hose is plugged other than to test? I
> mean, can you SEE the plug?? How often does it tend to happen?

No you usually can't see a plug in the hose. Sometimes the Teflon canula may
be plugged at the far end, and I think somebody reported it actually worked
back to appear in the hose itself, but that's VERY rare. 

If you feel like your bg is rising you could disconnect the hose from the
base and see if it will bolus any insulin out into the air. If it does the
canula may be plugged, unless it just burped out a small plug in the line.
> If you find that there is an obstruction, what do you do about it? Is
> changing the set the only solution?

Pretty much.
> I'm expecting to be on fairly low basals myself -- on MI, I take about
> 30 - 35 units a day, and I expect that number to drop.

Pretty normal amount, really doubt you'll ghave any unusual problems, just 
the normal ones......
 it's almost 4 months since I  started this process, and
> MAYBE I'll be a pumper by March!

OK, glad you seem to be finally getting somewhere with it Natalie.

So, anyway, once you get your pump are you going to have one on your ducks 
wearing one and ask us to find it????

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/