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[IP] my experience with Dr Bernstein

Now that Ruth's mentioned me twice, I feel obligated to comment. :-) I 
was a patient of Dr Bernstein's shortly after I was diagnosed in 1983, 
until 1986 or so. He's a bit of a fanatic on obtaining normal blood sugars 
-- but he was the ONLY one advocating maintaing normal blood sugars back 
then. He was convinced that normal blood sugars would prevent or decrease 
complications, and he was right. It only took another 10 years to get 
the DCCT results...

Everything else about Bernstein's methods is about HOW to maintain normal
blood sugars, end of story. He advocates low-carb meals because the
corresponding insulin boluses are small and therefore you have a low risk
of error (taking too much or too little insulin and going low or high).
If you can guess accurately using carb counting and a pump, I personally
see no reason to follow a low carb diet. 

He also advocated -- back in 1983 when most doctors prescribed 1-2 shots
a day -- a 4-5 shot per day regimen. Regular for each meal, taken
after measuring blood sugar and adjusting the dose for the bs reading,
in 1/2 unit increments. (My previous doctor would only adjust in *2* unit
increments, even though my daily total was about 20 units!) 
Ultralente for basal. 

To summarize, Bernstein had me on MDDI, measuring my blood sugar at the drop
of a hat (at least 6x/day), adjusting the dose with high bs boluses, and
trying to stay in the normal range. In 1983. I credit this regimen with
my current lack of complications, 15 years later. The only important thing
I didn't learn from him was how to adjust the meal dose to correspond to
the carb content of the meal (since he believed in uniformaly low carb
content meals).

I don't know why he is so against pumps: his criticisms are many years

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