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[IP] Minumum Deliveries

In a message dated 1/19/99 9:38:17 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Does anyone know if there is a minimum number of units of insulin you can
 be taking  and still use the pump?  When talking to my son's CDE and
 asking about the pump, she said that because he takes so little insulin,
 it MIGHT be a problem using a pump.  My son is almost 8 and uses a total
 of 13.5u of NPH and about 2 u of Humalog.  Thanks for your help.  Kate
 ps, concerning a previous question, his Humalog lasts way longer than the
 stated 2 hrs. >>

Both pump companies have features that are advantages to specific concerns.
These features tend to be the basis, aside from a companies service, support,
and outside advice, the main reason in preference from one pump manufacturer
to the other.  One problem in educating yourself to the value of these
features, is that you don't get hands on working knowledge until after the
pump is chosen and in place.  That's why this format is an advantage when
seeking information.  In response to your question about small increments of
basil delivery, the Disetronic pump delivers insulin every three minutes
regardless of the amount set, the MiniMed pump delivers basil insulin in time
increments that varies depending on the basil amount set.  In cases where a
small amount of insulin is required, the difference in delivery could be a
substantial issue in control.  For example, lets say your eight year old son
is on a 0.2 unit per hour from 11pm until 6am, on the Disetronic pump the
delivery would be 1/20 of the 0.2 units every three minutes.  On the MiniMed
pump the delivery would be 1/20 of the unit every 15 minutes.  On someone who
is using more basil insulin per hour, the difference in delivery may not make
as big a difference in control; but from a precision standpoint, that is the
difference in a direct drive motor, verses an incremental stepper motor.  Call
both companies and get the specific information about small basil delivery for
each, and then educate your son's educator. 

Good Luck,

Bill King(email @ redacted)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/