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Re: [IP] All you Moms & Dads

My parents were involved with me and my brothers care, but I don't think they
knew very much, and went by what little they knew to take care of us.  I grew
up chowing on candy, and never had anything close to a stable BG growing up.
Of course when I was first diagnosed, as many of you have also experienced, we
tested by urine.  Now that both my brother and I take our diabetes more
seriously, I think they are completely lost, and don't understand why we do
things the way we do, when they did them completely different.  I can see it
in my mothers eyes whenever we go to visit.  I try to explain to her, but I
think that she has been set "being the one was is right" for so long, she
won't except things the way they are now.  I to would like to applaud all you
parents, keep up the good work!
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