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[IP] All you Moms & Dads

This is just a note to tell all you Moms & Dads how impressive you all
are in your involvement with your diabetic children and their diabetes.

I was diagnosed at 12 in 1955 and my parents (who were great ) decided
that his was my disease and they did not get involved at all until I was
in my early twenties.  As I look back I wish they had more involvement.
This is a very difficult disease at best and to ask a 12 year old to
grow into an adult over night is very difficult.

The end result was good as I learned very quickly that if I didn't
respond I would be in big trouble.  The fact that I am with this disease
for over 40+ years and have no complications to date is a probably a
combination of great genes, hard work and great doctors.

My parents did get involved when I was in my early twenties and was
rushed to the hospital in a coma from a hypoglycemic reaction.  It was
then they decided to get involved and I believe their involvement  was
responsible for my current care and good control.

Your involvement is so important to your children's good health.


Ken Bernstein

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