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RE: [IP] Re: Com-Station -- President Clinton's Address

I agree with what you're saying about having Diabetes instead of a worse
disease.  I even feel "glad" the I'm Type I and not Type II (controlling
with diet and exercise).

I donate to the ADA a couple of times a year.  I'm also a member and
subscribe to Diabetes Forecast.  I also feel strongly about the research.
I've tried to sign up for clinical trial, etc.  The only way we're going to
find a cure is to help.


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> From: 	Jane Dohrmann[SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, January 20, 1999 8:59 AM
> To: 	email @ redacted
> Subject: 	[IP] Re: Com-Station -- President Clinton's Address
> 	    It is my understanding that the new AccuChek Complete is also
> going to be able to work with these new MiniMed products.  I think we all
> get frustrated when it comes to keeping good records since there is so
> much more information to keep track of.  In the brochure that came with my
> new 507C (I recently upgraded from a 506), it also talks about 
> "continuous glucose monitoring" which will also be quite a benefit for
> most of us!  I know that patience isn't one of my virtues but waiting for
> positive stuff like this is worth it.  I've lived with diabetes for 33
> years, have minimal complications and was literally "set free" when I
> began pumping two years ago.  We've come a long way!!!
> 	    On the subject of the President's State of the Union address, I
> have to admit I was disappointed that no mention was made with reference
> to funding diabetes research, etc.  but I also have to ask this question: 
> Do we all contribute to the cause be it locally or the ADA?  And, have we
> written our representatives so they'll know how we feel?  Lots of progress
> has been made and although it sems that AIDS and other diseases get more
> attention, I'd much rather be "stuck" with the big D than live with AIDS
> or Cancer.  The success of our health is up to us . . . as long as we do
> what is necessary to keep us healthy, we can be.  There are more
> medications and equipment available to us now than there ever was 33 years
> ago.  Foods are easier to find (everyone thinks about eating healthy now)
> and medical research has discovered great things.  Diabetes stinks but it
> 	    I hope you all have a pleasant day!    Jane Dohrmann -- Norfolk,
> Virginia 
> 	From: "Aaron Michelson" <email @ redacted>
> 	Subject: [IP] MiniMed's new Com-Station and software
> 	I found it hard to get this information out of MiniMed.
> 	NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Likely date of availability is March of
> 1999. When Com-Station and software becomes available mail will be sent to
> all MiniMed registered pump owners. NO OTHER INFORMATION RELEASED.
> 	I'm sure glad they're working on it. I need all the help I can get.
> Anybody
> 	else get discouraged?
> 	The following quote from http://www.minimed.com/files/mm_098.htm led
> me to believe that charting my insulin use would be automatic. IMHO it
> should say NOT AVAILABLE somewhere in the high falutin claim.
> 	"Long-term, Downloadable Memory provides access to: 90 daily totals
> 	450 boluses 50 alarms 50 Prime uses last 200 programming events
> 	Download to your PC .  All this information is put to good use with
> MiniMed's new Com-Station and software (optional accessory). Just place
> your 507 series pump in the dock of the Com-Station, and data stored in
> memory can be quickly downloaded to a computer for comprehensive analysis
> and interpretation. "
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