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[IP] Plugged hoses

Ted Quick wrote:
> Yes, but the thing they worry about is that the basal rate will be so low that
> it won't alarm for a plugged hose for HOURS. Of course frequent testing will
> warn you anyway, but with a small child that could get problematical.
Is there any way to tell that a hose is plugged other than to test? I
mean, can you SEE the plug?? How often does it tend to happen? 

If you find that there is an obstruction, what do you do about it? Is
changing the set the only solution? 

I'm expecting to be on fairly low basals myself -- on MI, I take about
30 - 35 units a day, and I expect that number to drop.

By the way, all the ins. hassles APPEAR to be over, and now I'm just
waiting for them to actually ORDER the pump for me, and then for them to
set up a training
schedule -- it's almost 4 months since I  started this process, and
MAYBE I'll be a pumper by March!
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