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Re: [IP] Re: too little to pump? Richard

At 0.3u basal during the night, I went into DKA when the site went bad without
getting an alarm on my 507C.  Minimed service said it was too small an amount
to trigger the alarm, but I don't know what the rate would have to be.

Another area I have noticed on this list where a small dosage is a bigger
problem --- lots of people talk about a few tenths of a unit not making a
difference in terms of bubbles or priming or various other things -- but for
those of us on small dosages of course it does.  Whether to fill the canula of
the silhoulette with .5 or 1.0 is more than an hour's basal rate difference,
and I for one notice if I am disconnected for an hour.  I wore my pump in a
waist-it the other day rather than in my pocket as I usually do and got a lot
of bubbles in the tubing (I don't know if it had to do with the pump being
above the site or more likely having so much tubing in a small space getting
crimped).  I noticed the bubbles after an unexpected high, and suspect they
were the cause of it (I could see one that was about a half inch long and lots
of little ones as well -- which I primed out as soon as I noticed them.)   I
also have had my suspicions sometimes when I have bolused a very small amount
(less than half a unit) whether it really had an affect

Linda Zottoli
dx 1955 at age 8, pumping since 10/98
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/