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[IP] couch potato

>>Michael made a comment that Lilly's insulin needs increased 20% over =
Christmas vacation because of being a couch potato, and no soccer =
practice.  This same thing happened at our house.  Now that school is =
getting ready to start back (if all the snow ever gets cleared off the =
road), how do you adjust basal rates for the first day of school?  Do =
you just set the basals back to what they were before school ended all =
at once, or do you watch the pattern and adjust as necessary?  I don't =
want to make Jenna hypoglycemic by just watching, but she's done really =
well over Christmas with the higher basals.

>Nancy Morgan, mother of Jenna, 9 years old, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since =

We have to make major adjustments for my son Michael age 7 when he gets
changes exercise levels too.  We have to wait a couple of days before his
body adjusts back to its high level of exercise insulin needs.  I don't
immediately return him to previous levels.

Carol, mother of Michael age 7

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