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Re: [IP] Help - HomeMed trying to take my pump

>  When my insurance company bought me my pump
> almost a year ago, I was never told that the pump was only being
> rented to me, until months after I already had the pump. 

>  Now I've graduated and no longer have this insurance,
> and the company is trying to take the pump back and are trying to
> bill me for having it.   They said that nobody ever intended to buy
> the pump for me.

First, don't give in until a judge in a court of law makes you.

Check the language in the policy and see if they even have a leg to 
stand on, I doubt it. Imagine a person who loses a leg and the 
insurance "rents" them an artificial leg until the policy expires and 
then asks for it back. Sounds about the same.

Durable medical equipment of that type is 
normally purchased outright on behalf of the patient. Appeal, appeal, 
appeal. Write your congress person, make a stink. If you hold out, 
you will win in the end. Try contacting the local newspaper, and the 
ADA for legal assistance.


Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/