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[IP] Interesting TV item, how true or not I don't know.

I heard a story on the EXTRA show this evenening. Since I have my doubts about
their "reporting" (which I suspect is more sensationalizing than reporting), I
wouldn't go too wild about it, but we should keep watching for developments.....

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

Transcript from the extratv.com webpage

Tuesday January 19th, 1999 

 Herbal Diabetes Help? 

 Many Americans are using herbal
 remedies to increase energy, improve
 memory and even to fight the blues. Now there's a natural
 food supplement that could change the lives of 16 million
 Americans who suffer from diabetes. We investigate in our
 EXTRA special report. 

 "I was scared that one day I'm not going to wake up."
 Fourteen-year-old Sandy Marshall of Cleveland, Ohio is
 talking about her diabetes -- A condition which requires her
 to take pills and endure six painful injections everyday, plus
 constant visits to the hospital. "It was bad, I mean just like
 every morning, I would pray that I won't get sick." 

 Sandy is a type 1 diabetic, meaning her Pancreas doesn't
 function at all. Her condition is very serious and extremely
 rare, but to make matters worse she's resistant to life
 saving insulin: "I will take twice as many shots as regular
 diabetics and it still doesn't do anything." 

 Her mother, Charlotte, says even the doctors don't know
 how to keep Sandy's diabetes under control: "They'll flat
 out tell you 'We don't know what to do,' I guess that's why
 they call it the practice of medicine." 

 A couple of months ago, Sandy's blood sugar levels were
 dangerously high, nearing 800 -- a level that would normally
 put people into a coma. Desperate, she found hope in an
 unlikely place -- Paul Daliwahl, a chemist living in southern
 California. He created an herbal remedy for people like
 Sandy called "Pancreas Tonic." 

 Where did he get his inspiration? "While I was meditating, I
 got a message from almighty God to help heal the people."
 He says the ingredients came to him in bits over a series of
 months. With the names of the rare herbs in hand, he went
 back to his native India and worked out the exact formula.
 Sandy tried the herbal remedy and claims her blood sugar
 dropped back down to normal levels. "When I saw my
 sugars coming down, I got like excited... these past seven
 weeks of not going to the hospital is just wonderful to me, I
 love it!" 

 In sunny Palm Springs, California, seventy five year old
 diabetic Shirley Becker claims Pancreas Tonic worked for
 her too and helped her walk again: "It really is unbelievable
 that I can walk and that I don't have the pain in my legs."
 But could Shirley and Sandie's improvement be a fluke? 

 Internist Dr. William Taylor was skeptical, so he set up a
 study to investigate the effectiveness of the herbal remedy.
 Some people got the tonic while others got a placebo, and
 now Dr. Taylor claims the tonic works. "We saw marked
 difference of blood sugars with those receiving the agent
 versus those who do not." 

 This means that patients on the tonic seem to have more
 control over their Diabetes. Another study from the UCLA
 affiliated Drew Medical College, published in the Journal of
 the National Medical Association, also yielded promising
 results. Taylor says: "We are witnessing a cure to diabetes.
 Our data supports that. In other words, it's not just
 controlling blood sugar. We are actually witnessing a
 regeneration of the cells that control the production of

 No longer a skeptic, Dr. Taylor thinks this could be one of
 the biggest medical breakthroughs of this century. If true,
 it's a dream come true for people like Sandy who are waiting
 to be freed from the painful grip of diabetes. "I have always
 had the belief that one day it's gonna go away and that
 every day is gonna be somewhat better." 

 EXTRA spoke with Dr. Mayer Davidson, former president
 of the American Diabetes Association, about pancreas tonic.
 He said if the data continues to look promising, he will
 conduct further studies at Drew Medical College's clinical
 trials unit. 

 For more information on the Pancreas Tonic, contact:
 U.S Botanicals
 6181 Eastern Ave.
 Bell Gardens, CA
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/