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[IP] Funny me thanks for Bolus for High

I went off the pump feeling discouraged. At lunch I have to take a bolus in
the bathroom. Its a shot in the dark not knowing what the meal will look
like. Soon working, scared and unable to concentrate I Puzzle, "Should eat
more?" The bolus was for a big lunch with desert. I had 20 g carbo 10
protein 15 fat. Breaking down I start drinking juice.  Coming to my senses I
need to test and its 62 . Thinking, "I used to feel this way before I
started pumping all the time." It was so familiar I must have spent a lot of
time with low BG before pumping. Last night too, that old familiar, "I'm low
but I'm not passing out. I can live without correcting immediately." For
years I never tested and never knew. At this writing I just talked to my
boss with a raging hypo. I'm a hard working guy but I strained my brain to
figure out what the word "is" is. I'm particularly discouraged this week.

I'd like to rage against the posting that said testing BG 1/2 hour after
eating is "just information" that should motivate no action. Without a pump
and before fast acting insulin it was true that many BG tests were "just
information". We could not chase high BGs with animal regular. But if we ate
and did the same things the following day we would know ahead of time what
the BG test was likely to read, making corrections therefore to a rigid
routine. I chose to not live a rigid routine and many BG tests were "just
information". If there is one day a continuos BG monitor even a test so
timed will be information used to achieve better control.

However, I deeply appreciate all the articles submitted in "BOLUSING FOR
HIGH BG". Individually our experiences cannot build a scientific theory.
How long would it take to discover and test the methods submitted? I'm sorry
the first posting was so poorly received. She did say she was skeptical but
that it worked for her. That method will work though its old fashioned at
out of favor but lets not take it out of the physicians bag of

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