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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #755


I'm a big kid here also called an adult but use a total of about 14-16 u of
humalog in my pump daily, depending on how much I pig out... it's bliss to
want a big chocolate chip cookie and finally be able to eat it as a
nonscheduled snack!!!... pre pump I used 14 n and 8 r total a day... in
fact the pump makes things easier to measure... no more 1/4 u by the
backlighting of the refrig. lightbulb... this small amount of insulin was a
concern of mine too, but so far it's worked out beautifully...

minimed in their lit says that this might be too small an amount to pump,
but from what I can tell, the pump handles it very well!!! accuracy is so
important when you're dealing with such small dosages and the pump has made
me feel very safe... in fact, in the 2 weeks since I started pumping I
haven't had a low!!! a miracle in itself!!!! YAY!!!

tell your CDE that she can contact me and my doc if she wants for
verification... the pump is vital to people who use small amounts of
insulin... more of a medical need then a lifestyle issue to me... your son
should be happier and you should feel better about his insulin usage when
he starts... almost makes this disease bearable... 

bring on the pasta!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm..........!

to all.. pump and I are having a great time!!! food, food and more food!!!
thanks for the encouragement to get pumping and the tricks of the trade you
all have shared with me... *S*

Ellen B-C

"If you are a good economist, a virtuous economist, you are
reborn as a physicist. But if you are an evil, wicked
economist, you are reborn as a sociologist." --Paul Krugman

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