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>My kids are having a problem with  the loop of tubing that you're supposed to
>tape near site so it doesn't get yanked out; We've tried all different kinds
>of tape and it keeps falling off, any suggestions???            Doreen
>{crazy,tired mom of 2 new pumpers]

For me i tried the looping the tubing several times when i first got it but
it never really helped so i just put the tape over it with out the lupe..
But i do position the tubing so that it it makes a 90 degree turn from the
insertion site.. (if the needle is inserted toward the belly button i have
the tubing come out of the tape toward the waist band....) i'll see if i
can draw it here..

            (tubing)    ======  (needle)     =
           -------------======-----          =
           -            ======               =
           -                                 = 
           -					    =

I know i know not the best drawing ha ha

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