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[IP] Re: Camps

I just want to assure all the parents out there that camps for kids with Diabetes can be a REALLY great thing.  I went to Camp Needlepoint in Hudson, WI (just outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) for about 8 years when I was younger, and those are some of the best times I can remember from my pubescent years :-}.  The only problem was that when I wanted to be a counselor, they had a long waiting list of people who wanted to be counselors and I was never chosen :-(  I don't know if they have had any kids on pumps (in 1986 they didn't have any, although they talked about the prospect of pumps), but I am sure that the EXCELLENT medical staff would not have a problem dealing with it.  

The best thing for me was to know that there were other people (kids) out there who understood what I had to do and even did the same thing (i.e. take shots, test urine, test blood).  At the ages of 9 to 16, this knowledge is a powerful thing.  

With great memories!

P.S.  The thing I remember most was all of us having to try to make each other go to the bathroom TWICE to catch the most recent urine sample to test ( in 1978).  We would all run the sink taps in the bathrooms to make us think of water!!!!!! I also gave myself my first injection there... I got a great certificate! :-)

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