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Hi Doreen-
I think that the hospital people might have been a little off with knowledge
of pumps, or maybe I am off, but I don't tape any access tape to keep the tube
from being yanked out, to much tape, to much pain in the butt to take off.
These kids will probably be on pumps for a long time if not their whole lives,
and taping that much can be irritable on the skin after a while (this is all
just opinion).  I use the softsets, and the tape that comes with it, then I
apply a piece on IV3000 over it, and cut around the circle with a little baby
finger nails cutting scissors.  I do use the IV prep, and the Skin Prep before
the tape, and it available through Mini Med or Disetronic I am sure.  I have
no trouble with the sets being yanked out, and believe me my 5 month old son
has gotten his little toes wrapped around the line at night and kicked like
crazy, and my set stayed in.  I am sure it depends on your kids skin type
also, but this is what works for me, I hope this has helped some.
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