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Well everyone the Wolfersheim kids are finally on pumps!!!!  I forgot how much
fun it is to go to the hospital and how they always want and EXPECT my kids to
follow their 'rules'. They started their basals as .7 instead of the .5 we had
agreed on,then when the kids bg's dropped they wanted to treat it with only
15gm. carb. I kindly explained to them that after 11 years of this I know that
my kids need 45 gm before they will even start to respond.  Rules are rules so
we treated with 15gm,then in 20 min another 15 gms and in another 20 min
another 15 grms.It would be nice if the staff at the hospitals were taught
that these are not unbendable rules,just educated guesses and guidelines.
This is how we spent the entire day and night until our dr. said enough is
enough and let me treat it my way. 
Now we are home and doing ourselves with a leash connected to Dr .
Is IV prep an over the counter thing or do you need a script for them?
My kids are having a problem with  the loop of tubing that you're supposed to
tape near site so it doesn't get yanked out; We've tried all different kinds
of tape and it keeps falling off, any suggestions???            Doreen
{crazy,tired mom of 2 new pumpers]
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