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RE: [IP] Summer camp for kid pumpers

I am a diabetic of 25 years and when i was a kid i went to a camp called
TCDC. Tennessee camp for Diabetic children in Soddy daisey TN. right out of
Chattanoga TN. Booth of my sisters also went htere. It has been awhile since
i have contacted anyone from ther   and I don't know if they take pumpers or
not but you might check it out. It was a great camp! I also worked there for
3 years.I really learned alot as a diabetic camper and this was in the mid
70's. Good luck. 

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Subject: [IP] Summer camp for kid pumpers

I guess I should have been more specific. I'd like an overnight camp for
diabetic kids.   We live in North Carolina.  Last year, while on MDI, she
went to Camp Coqui near Asheville, had a very good time, but this year the
camp is on a week she can't go.  The other two that I've called in NC
haven't had pumpers, which surprised me because both are affiliated with
universities.  There is a day camp in Charlotte, but somehow, it's just not
the same as overnight camp.  I've heard great things about Bearskin Meadows,
but not sure I'm ready to fly cross country to get there!
Thanks for the info.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, age 9

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