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Re: [IP] Thigh Insertion

At 06:09 AM 1/19/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I know this may sound strange coming from an oldtimer like me (no comments
>sam), but I would appreciate some definition of what people here mean by
>"love handles" or "love handle area". It's used a lot on this list but I'm
>not always sure what is being referred to.  I have my own obscene ideas
>(and even a few good jokes about Monica Lewinsky's love handles, not for
>public listing), but can anyone explain this term as we use it on the IP

As one old-timer to another <vbg>... I've always thought of the love
handles as the extra padding just above the hips that many of us mature
people have. I haven't heard of any salacious definitions recently... but
then everything is subject to change nowadays.


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