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RE: [IP] MRIs, CTs and pumps

I am actually an engineer in the medical device field and there are
regulations regarding this.  If MiniMed has followed the regulations (which
I have no reason to doubt), they had to have made the pump immune to E/M
fields of a certain strength.  Now the MRI might exceed that strength, I'm
not sure (I'd have to know the strength of the MRI machine and then I could
tell you, since I can look up the regulation limits).  Even if the pump were
susceptible, it still might not be affected.  The types of "failures" you
could see would have to do with timing and the microprocessor; so
essentially you could see anything (the pump and mechanical parts themselves
wouldn't be affected, but the signals to them might).  This would depend on
the robustness of the electrical design.


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> >My question (finally) is what kind of effect will the MRI have on my
> pump?
> >If I just have another head CT, and I keep my pump around my feet, will
> my
> >pump be okay?  That is what I did yesterday.
> >
> I would ask the teck (radiologist) if any questions take it off..
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