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Re: [IP] Help - HomeMed trying to take my pump

> Can somebody offer me some advice?  I can't go back to shots, and I'm
> outraged that a company would rent a pump out to me with the intent to
> take it back when I'm "done" with it.


We almost had a similar problem with Kayla's pump.  We just decided that
they would have to come to my house and pry the pump out of my cold dead
fingers to get it back.  Let them scream.  In the meantime, definitely
stay on top of your old insurance company until you get results.  Since
you are no longer covered by them, they don't see a reason to
follow-through.  Threaten to call your state insurance commissioner,
etc.  Keep after them.  But keep your pump.  :-)

Kayla's mom
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