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[IP] Help - HomeMed trying to take my pump

I need help and advice.  When my insurance company bought me my pump
almost a year ago, I was never told that the pump was only being rented to
me, until months after I already had the pump.  Supposedly my insurance
company was renting the pump from Home Med Suppliers, and would buy me the
pump if I did well on it.  Home Med sent me a letter saying the pump was
only being leased to me and I should return it when I'm done.  Of 
course I'll never be *done* with the pump, as it's a lifelong
need, and this is how my doctor wrote the prescription, as a
medical necessity for life.  Naturally Minimed was upset that this would
happen and tried to fix the problem, and I wrote a long letter to my
insurance company about it but nobody ever contacted me.  Now I've
graduated and no longer have this insurance, and the company is trying to
take the pump back and are trying to bill me for having it.   They said
that nobody ever intended to buy the pump for me.

I absolutely can't control my blood sugars without the pump, and my new
insurance won't kick in for a few weeks when I start work, and then it
will take months and months to get another pump approved like it did the
first time -- if my new company will even approve a pump.

Can somebody offer me some advice?  I can't go back to shots, and I'm
outraged that a company would rent a pump out to me with the intent to
take it back when I'm "done" with it.



Miranda Miller
University of Michigan

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/