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Re: [IP] Thigh Insertion

I know this may sound strange coming from an oldtimer like me (no comments
sam), but I would appreciate some definition of what people here mean by
"love handles" or "love handle area". It's used a lot on this list but I'm
not always sure what is being referred to.  I have my own obscene ideas
(and even a few good jokes about Monica Lewinsky's love handles, not for
public listing), but can anyone explain this term as we use it on the IP
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Spencer likes to use his upper outer thigh in the summer so that he can
go without a shirt.  It also makes it nice when he goes swimming so that
no one can see his set, it is hidden by his trunks.  He likes it there,
I had a hard time getting him to go back to his stomach when school
started.  I wanted to give his thighs a rest.  After reading all the
post about putting a set in the hip/love handle area Spencer is thinking
about putting one there soon.  It would be nice to have 3 areas to chose
Lisa D. (Spencer's Mom)
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