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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

Lori,  there are surely some things hard to explain (I never said D always
makes sense :-), but some things are fairly certain.  One of them is that
glucose gets absorbed very quickly, starting even in the mouth.  What I
said was that if the glucose is not raising the BG, then something else is
taking care of that.  It' s the body's variable usage of glucose  (e.g.
after a strong workout) that is not well understood, but I assure that if
you eat a glucose tab, that glucose will be in your blood within 15- 20
min.  If it doesnt' raise your BG, then you've got lots of possibilities:
another glucose transporter at work,  a change in insulin receptor
sensitivity, release of insulin from a sub-cu pool, a tapeworm, my
sugar-addict daughter sucking your blood, or something no one has yet
discovered.   I just think it'll be easier to eventually figure out the
unknowns if we are careful to document the knowns.

Those glucose tabs may always go into the system in 15 minutes for you --
but I've had "vanilla" days where I've had to eat 18 in an afternoon and
never gotten above 50.  No, it doesn't make sense, and yes, I'm an
engineer/scientist and compulsive about data.  I'm with Sam (it took 27
years to get there though), some days are just like that.  D does NOT always
make sense.  Unfortunately, those days sometimes happen when all of the
glycogen has already been used up, and I never do go high.  While I admit to
frustration if my A1c is ever above 6.4, I also despise those days that are
simply unexplainable -- but I acknowledge them.  They exist.  I cannot
change or explain them.  Perhaps if I could, I could also have an answer for
a cure.
Take care,


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