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[IP] MRIs, CTs and pumps


Sorry if this is all in the archives somewhere, but first my mail server
was down for a week, now my web access.

I spent yesterday in the ER, going in due to a very strange, sudden and
excruciating headache.  They had to rule out an aneurism (sp?), so I got a
head CT followed by three attempted lumbar punctures aka spinal taps.  The
LPs were horrible, which is a vast understatement, and took about 1 1/2
hours before they stopped digging around.  Due to the lack of spinal fluid,
I will have to have another CT and an MRI, when, who knows.  They were all
amazed at how great my sugars stayed and I preached the pump while they
were poking me.  Kept me busy.

My question (finally) is what kind of effect will the MRI have on my pump?
If I just have another head CT, and I keep my pump around my feet, will my
pump be okay?  That is what I did yesterday.


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