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Re: [IP] vitamins and minerals

OK folks, who takes JuicePlus?  I quit taking vitamins and started on
JuicePlus about 6 months ago.  It was recommended by my opthamologist.  It
consists of 17 fruits and vegetables with the water removed and crammed into 4
capsules.  My eye dr. is big on it because it has been proven to prevent
macula degeneration which is common in older people.  It also is said to
prevent cancer, heart disease, etc.etc.  I am feeling great, but I haven't a
clue why.  Could it be the JuicePlus or could it be my pump is finely tuned or
could it be perhaps my exercise routine is in better control?  I, for one,
certainly have no clue.  If anyone else is taking Juice+, I would like to know
if you have noticed a difference.  I just like the idea of getting the whole
food instead of just the vitamins out of the food.  It seems healthier to me,
kind of like having the whole pancreas working rather than just part of it.
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