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Re: [IP] High Blood Sugar Bolus

In a message dated 99-01-18 14:16:04 EST, you write:

<<  Really really good control would put you between
 80 and even after meals. 
 Laura Kiernan wrote:
 >sometimes I'll test after a
 > meal, maybe like 30 minutes after or so, and very often I'll be around 200
 > or so.
A BG of 80 at one or 2 hours after a meal is way too low. A BG of 140-160 at 2
hours after a meal is acceptable (exception is in pregnancy when under 130 is
the target at the 1 hour point), as long as the next BG (before the next meal)
is in target range  for before meal BGs.  Testing 30 minutes after eating is
not recommended.
Barbara B.
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