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[IP] Disconnect Highs

I too, use a Sof-Set Q R and frequently  experience a high BG about 3
hrs. after reconnecting. Off-pump time can be as short as 20 min., with
the 507C not in suspend mode. Before re-connecting, there is always a
droplet of basal H on the needle tip, indicating ( Ithink ) that the
line is air-free.  BUT, how about the 3 inch line to the cannula?... I
wouldn't expect a back flow of insulin to occur there because of the
vacuum created by the sub-c cannula. Obviously though, the flow somehow
gets interrupted and I suspect AIR is the culprit!

Wouldn't it be nice if we pumpers could add a drop of sterile, inert
COLOR to our insulin? Then we could SEE the voids made by air and
probably see crystals too.

The bottom line is that during a 20 min. disconnect, I lose 0.2u of
basal H, yet spike up 150 mg/dl 3 hours later! What's YOUR read??

Memo to those THINKING about going on pump therapy:  DO  IT..... DO
IT....DO  IT !   &  I think most all of us would agree.  You will marvel
at your control and vastly improved A1-c's.

Love y'all & love your input !


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