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Re: [IP] Hemoglobin A1c Question

"Maleki, Ali" wrote:
> I have some questions about the Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test (specifically
> about the "calculated" one):
> - I have heard different things about how many months back it "goes". Is it
> 3 ? 4 ? something else ?

It was formerly thought to cover the last 3 months, based on the length of time 
the blood cells live and that the damage caused by glycosilation was permanent.
Latest idea is that the glycosylation damage does dimish eventually, sometime 
before the cell dies, so the effective length of time the A1c test covers is 
diminished. Accordingly it should really be considered as being accurate
for about 4 to 6 weeks,
> - How comparable are results from different labs ?

The results are  comparable, but the numbers are on different scales. It's
necessary to find out what the "normal" range is for your labs testing so you
can get it to correspond to glucose meter tests.
> - Is it at all weighed to the more recent months ? (Do the past month's
> blood sugars have more of an effect on the HbA1c, than the previous month's
> blood sugars ?)

Yes, the most recent blood sugars weigh more heavily on the results since the
older cells have been dying off in the meantime.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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