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Re: [IP] Bernstein's Book

All the cons are true in the long term.  However, Bernstein neglects to mention
the cons of injections -- including site atrophy.  The question is not if you
can find 5 cons to pumping (there are far more than that) but if there are
anywhere near less with injections.   A while back, Janet commented on
Bernstein (she had worked with him).  If you can find her information, you
might find it useful.

George Lovelace wrote:

> James Watson wrote
> >Bernstein uses Humalog extensively (primarily as a fix for
> >high bgs).  He also says that he does not like pumps (he
> >lists 3 pros including not having to carry insulin vials,
> >elegant corrective injections, and temporary basals and 5
> >cons including pump failure, having a "large bore needle
> >sticking in their abdomens," site infections, severe
> >hypoglycemia due to pump malfunctions, and not being able to
> >give intramuscular injections for rapid decrease of bg.  He
> >says, "In our experience, insulin pumps do not provide
> >better blood sugar control than multiple injections."  (p
> >252).
> >Needless to say, I am not sure I'm going to move in this
> >direction.
> Needless to say, indeed!  How many of us have suffered "pump failure" or
> for that matter "site infection"? Granted, I've only been pumping for 5
> months, but I don't think these difficulties will pose the problems that
> injections have. The introducer needles seem smaller than the old 24 gauge
> I used as a teen. And why can't I give myself an intramuscular injection,
> two needles at once against some law? Sorry that Dr. Bernstein's experience
> was so disappointing, but as for my part, as long as I watch what I'm
> doing, I'm feeling my best in 35 years. And for once I no longer fear going
> into a catatonic hypoglycemic reaction.
> George Lovelace
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