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Re: [IP] Summer camp for pumpers

> Last summer Marisa was determined to go to D camp .  She had been
> looking forward to tyrning 8 so she'd be old enough to go.  This was
> a tough one for us as she started on her pump about one month before
> camp was to begin.  At first I felt it was out of the question to

Your children must live as normal a life as possible. Lily was dx'd 
on the 7th or 8th of July '94 and went into the hospital. She had 
planned to go to Hawaii with a girlfriend and parents the following 
week, on Thursday or Friday as I recall. We sprung her and she went! 
The girlfriend's parents were good enough to come to the hospital and 
learn what was necessary right along with Mimi and I and off they 
went for a week in (almost) paradise. Believe me, we worried every 
second about our then 11 year old baby girl. But.... we knew she had 
to get on with her life and diabetes could not stand in her way. 
Finger sticks took 30 to 45 minutes back then. Lily went to 
diabetes camp that August and again the following year (the 
first year with her pump. She didn't like that too well since 
the camp had never had a kid pumper, and they wanted her to 
follow the "diabetic regimen" that all the other kids were on 
and had no clue about carbo counting. i.e. she didn't want 
snacks, but was definetly interested in 'seconds' at dinner 
time. Since then, we have sent her to a "standard" summer camp for 2 
weeks every summer starting at age 13. We talked to the camp director 
and nurse and sent specific instructions and procedures for 
distribution to the counselors, an so on .... and we sent a cell 
phone. She has enjoyed herself immensely and only called home a 
couple of times, when low of course. She had already dealt with the 
problem with the help of staff, and just wanted a cellular hug. Mom 
and I don't want to kick her out of the nest, but we do want to know 
that the "wings" work and that she gets the same full measure of life 
that her siblings enjoy. The camp is in the Sierra's on a 
beautiful lake that the kids have all to themselves with a 
beach, sail boats, paddle boards, really a beautiful place. Lily's 
pump has helped return her control of her life and given back a 
measure of her childhood. Her Mom and I have tried our best to teach 
her the things about diabetes management that allow her the freedom 
to play, sleep, eat and so on that any other kid enjoys. We are 
definetly over-protective, but strive to put the power in Lily's 
hands to do as she will with her life in spite of our worries.


Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/