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Re: [IP] High Blood Sugar Bolus

> My doctor does not agree with the Walsh and Roberts Pumping Insulin
> book directions to bolus for high BGs.   He says bolusing for highs
> causes more lows and drastic drops that are in themselves harmful.  
> He says gradual drops are preferable.
Blanket statements like that are outta line. If unused insulin is 
taken into account and/or you have not started down within a 
reasonable amount of time (about an hour or so on Humalog) then I 
would think a high blood sugar bolus would be in order. If my 15 year 
old has been able to make this work by herself for the last few 
years, I would think a competent adult can figure it out. But.... 
what do I know.... I'm just a dad (and i r'n ingeeneer) heh... heh...

My advise:  Find a new doctor


Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/