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Re: [IP] Why?

> I'd really like to know why the medical profession is resistant to
> pumps.
I can only speculate. Most of those practicing now were trained 
before the advent of pumps and the new docs have all seen rotation in 
a lot of HMO run hospitals. Bear in mind the the average patient is 
not well informed and has no clue about chronic disease. The people 
on this list are pretty exceptional in that manner. See!! more ducks, 
thats it -- we're a bunch of odd ducks! Too smart for our own good.
How's that for having your ducks in a row<vbg>
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> Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!

> I know they're expensive, and I could see the insurance
> industry being resistant to them, but why doctors??  Do they truly
> not understand how hard life is as a diabetic?? 
Gee, how many of them do you think have actually spent a day or a 
week on a diabetic Type 1 regimen? Barbra B. is helping a bunch right 
now in a 'very new' type of training doing exactly that. It's 
downright revolutionary to do that!

> Wouldn't THEY want
> something that might make their lives easier, longer and more
> comfortable?
I think very few look beyond the possible medical benefit. The 
quality of life issue is rarely addressed. That's my whole sthick for 

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