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Re: [IP] Anniversary

At 09:34 PM 1/17/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Hi Sam,
>Iam glad that are are here! :))  I have had DM since the age of 9 mos (early
>1967).  I  had a double bypass last July, and i am only 32!  The Docs ay it is
>from the brittle DM all these yrs.  I also have always had high cholestrol.
>Iam not on any meds tho.  I have another thallium this Tues, I will ask oabout
>the niacin.

If your doc wants to talk to my doc, let me know by private email. I can
give you his name, address and phone #. The blood tests were sent to the
University of Washington... not very many labs know how to test for LP(a).


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