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Re: [IP] Bernstein's Book

James Watson wrote
>Bernstein uses Humalog extensively (primarily as a fix for
>high bgs).  He also says that he does not like pumps (he
>lists 3 pros including not having to carry insulin vials,
>elegant corrective injections, and temporary basals and 5
>cons including pump failure, having a "large bore needle
>sticking in their abdomens," site infections, severe
>hypoglycemia due to pump malfunctions, and not being able to
>give intramuscular injections for rapid decrease of bg.  He
>says, "In our experience, insulin pumps do not provide
>better blood sugar control than multiple injections."  (p
>Needless to say, I am not sure I'm going to move in this

Needless to say, indeed!  How many of us have suffered "pump failure" or
for that matter "site infection"? Granted, I've only been pumping for 5
months, but I don't think these difficulties will pose the problems that
injections have. The introducer needles seem smaller than the old 24 gauge
I used as a teen. And why can't I give myself an intramuscular injection,
two needles at once against some law? Sorry that Dr. Bernstein's experience
was so disappointing, but as for my part, as long as I watch what I'm
doing, I'm feeling my best in 35 years. And for once I no longer fear going
into a catatonic hypoglycemic reaction.

George Lovelace

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