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Re: [IP] vitamins and minerals

Wasson wrote:

> I must have missed something in the post but what book are you talking
> about?

"Prescription For Nutritional Healing" by Balch and Balch.

  I have tried herbs for a number of years. My feelings are that they
> work for awhile and then they become less effective in the body, at that
> point you must quit taking them for several weeks or increase the amount you
> are taking.

This is a real possibility...but often the same thing happens with
drugs.  I am not advocating herbal therapy--necessarily--for Type 1
Diabetes...I was merely answering a question from another group member. 
Please check with your health-care team before embarking on any kind of
alternative therapy.

By the way, sometimes taking an herb won't make you FEEL any different. 
Many times they are taken for preventative measures (Bilberry for the
eyes, for example).

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