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[IP] RE: To pump or not to pump?

    That is the question? Pump, by all means!
    I am Buddy Barber. I saw your post on the IP list today after returning
from Galveston, Texas. I am 51 years old and have been diabetic for almost
40 of those years. I have been using a MiniMed 507 for 2 years as of Jan.
6th. Best decision I ever made. I only wish I had started on pump therapy
years earlier!
    I have developed and suffered a few of the complications of this long
term disease and as I type this message to you I am looking through a right
eye that has a substantial amount of red blood that has leaked into the
vitreous fluid on the inside of that eye. Luckily I was near UTMB (The
University of Texas Medical Branch) in Galveston last night when it started
and was able to get to help that did absolutely except assure me that the
vessel had stopped and what not to do to make it start again until I could
get to my regular eye doctor next week.
    I have had two major heart attacks and have had angioplasti twice. These
were before the pump but I have always taken better than average care of
    My A1c's have dropped from the high 7's to the mid 6's and I feel better
now on my "worst days" than I felt on my best days on MDI"s. I would not
trade my pump for all the tea in China, or anything else. It is the best
decision I have ever made short of marring my Cajun wife of 31 years! LOL.
    I hardly know I have the pump now. If I told you I didn't know it was I
would be lying because you are tethered to it and it is obvious that it is
there. Since I am not as active as younger person I have few problems. My
greatest concern when I was about to start was what to do with the pump at
night? I started out wearing some hightop cotton socks to bed and placing
the pump just to the back of the calf of my leg. This works real well and
the cath does not get tangled on anything. I sleep on my sides so being on
the back of my leg caused no problems. I have since started buying Haynes
and Fruit of the Loom Tee shirts with the pocket on the left side and run
the cath under the shirt and out the neck and in the pocket. This works well
and now is my preferred placment. As a matter of fact I wear it there even
in the daytime. It is easy for me to access and bolus and causes no
    I am sorry to hear of your problems with your kidneys but this is just
one more reason to get on the pump. You can already see what your current
regime has allowed. Better control can only help and maybe even reverse some
of the complications you have already developed. I wish you all the luck in
the world and hope this might help to steer you in the direction of
demanding a better way of life and feeling better with a pump. Me, I prefer
the MiniMed. Only way to fly.
    If there is anything I can ever do for you feel free to e-mail me. I
lurk and read some of the digest but at this point in time it has grown
somewhat out of measure of time I have to spend reading. LOL. If I remember
there were 120 members at that time and now it seems someone told me there
were 850 +! Better living through drugs, harmones, and technology!

Go for the pump.

Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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