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[IP] Someone Explain/WMitzner

Those glucose tabs may always go into the system in 15 minutes for you --
but I've had "vanilla" days where I've had to eat 18 in an afternoon and
never gotten above 50.  No, it doesn't make sense, and yes, I'm an
engineer/scientist and compulsive about data.  I'm with Sam (it took 27
years to get there though), some days are just like that.  D does NOT always
make sense.  Unfortunately, those days sometimes happen when all of the
glycogen has already been used up, and I never do go high.  While I admit to
frustration if my A1c is ever above 6.4, I also despise those days that are
simply unexplainable -- but I acknowledge them.  They exist.  I cannot
change or explain them.  Perhaps if I could, I could also have an answer for
a cure.
Take care,

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