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[IP] Bernstein's Book

My endo is encouraging me to move toward this approach. 
Bernstien advocates extremely low carb diets (30 gm carb
total daily; 2 slices of bread).  I have my reservations
about this for several reasons.  The obvious first ones are
associated with future kidney damage by consuming this high
protein load.  My daily caloric intake is about 3000 cal. 
To to this with only 250 daily gm carb (my endo's first
step), I'd need something in the range of 300 gm protein. 
The other aspect of this diet (and other high protein diets,
Eades and Atkins) are that they are lacking several minerals
and vitamins.  The solution to these deficiencies is to take
vitamin tablets, but I are leery of a diet so un-balanced
that supplements are a requirement.

Bernstein uses Humalog extensively (primarily as a fix for
high bgs).  He also says that he does not like pumps (he
lists 3 pros including not having to carry insulin vials,
elegant corrective injections, and temporary basals and 5
cons including pump failure, having a "large bore needle
sticking in their abdomens," site infections, severe
hypoglycemia due to pump malfunctions, and not being able to
give intramuscular injections for rapid decrease of bg.  He
says, "In our experience, insulin pumps do not provide
better blood sugar control than multiple injections."  (p

Needless to say, I am not sure I'm going to move in this

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